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Multi-purpose GPS trackers to locate a child, family member, pet, vehicle or any other thing that matters to you. Lightweight GPS device with advanced tracking technology to keep your loved ones and valuables safe.

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The Tracking device Features

GPS Device for Family, Pets, Cars
  • Unmatched Battery Life

    The GPS device can go up to weeks without the need of recharging

  • 1-month Free Subscription

    No subscription or data charges for the first 1-month of device usage

  • Easy Setup

    Takes only a few minutes to connect the device with your phone or tablet.

  • Loved Across Globe

    Designed in Finland, Yepzon products are a hit in US & European markets

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How do Yepzon trackers work?

The user controls the Yepzon tracker with the Yepzon App® mobile application on which the user can see where the device is located and can track the device accurately.

On the Settings of the app, the user can determine how often Yepzon connects to the server, in other words with which delay the tracking can be started. The shorter connection frequency (min. 1 min.) the quicker the location information can be accurately received. The connection frequency settings also affect the device’s battery life and data consumption. The longer connection frequency, the longer the battery life and less data is consumed.

What kind of smartphone or tablet do Yepzon trackers need?

Yepzon can be connected to a smartphone or a tablet that fulfils the following requirements:

- Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC (only Yepzon ONE)

- iPhone 4S or newer (iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0))

- Android 4.3 or newer + NFC OR Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0)

In Windows Phone devices, Yepzon App uses the NFC function to connect Yepzon ONE tracker and the smartphone/tablet and in Android devices additionally also Bluetooth. In iOS devices, Yepzon ONE is connected through Bluetooth. In iOS and Android devices, Bluetooth is also used for Yepzon ONE’s nearby tracking.

For Yepzon Freedom, connecting the device happens through a QR code in all iOS and Android phones that fulfill the requirements. Yepzon Freedom cannot be used with Windows Phones.

The app may also be downloaded onto devices with do not fulfill the previously mentioned requirements, but in that case all features might not be in use. For example, if you have a WP device on which the app downloads but you cannot pair it because your device does not have the NFC feature, ask your family member or friend to make the pairing in their device and then share the control through email onto your own device. After you get the control, if you want to, you can remove their Yepzon permission.

Can anyone track my child with Yepzon tracker?


The person who connects a new Yepzon to their smartphone first will be the first user of the Yepzon in question. If the already equipped Yepzon is trying to be connected with another smartphone, a notification will pop up saying the pairing cannot be done since this Yepzon already has a user, and advising them to ask to give their permission.

A Yepzon’s first user can give the permission of the Yepzon they control to other users. This means your child can only be tracked by the people who have been given permission to this Yepzon. All users

1. can give permission

2. can see who or which device has permission

3. can remove permission from each other

How are Yepzon trackers charged and how much time does it take?

Under Yepzon tracker’s rubber plug there is a micro USB plug with which the tracker can be connected to a charger or, for example, a computer’s USB port.

Charging an empty battery takes around 2.5 hours. During the charging process, the battery’s mode is shown as ‘Charging’. The charging is complete when the text is replaced with the number 100%. If Yepzon is disconnected from the charger in the middle of charging, the battery life number might drop fast since the battery has not been fully charged.

It is recommended to charge Yepzon’s battery once a month but at least every three months, even if the device is not in use. If Yepzon is left uncharged for long periods of time, the battery might drain and cause a malfunction.

How much data do Yepzon trackers consume?

A new Yepzon device incudes 5MB worth of free data which corresponds to around 1 month of use with the default settings. The biggest effect on data consumption is the connection frequency of the Moving mode.

YEPZON ONE (example 1): device moves 2h in a day, connection frequency 5min/6h, tracked 30 times per month -> consumes 1MB/monthexample 2: device moves 12h in a day, connection frequency 5min/6h, located 300 times (!) per month -> consumes 9MB/monthexample 3: device moves 6h in a day, connection frequency 1min/6h, located 30 times per month -> consumes 9MB/month

YEPZON FREEDOM: In power save mode (default) works like Yepzon ONE, see above.In quick tracking mode (mode 1) very little data is used except if a lot of tracking is done. Note! Highest battery consumption.In SOS only mode (mode 3) data is not used at all except if SOS button is pushed.


We have great respect for Yepzon as a company and have found that every employee reflects the healthy culture of their company while always striving to be the world class leader they are.

Dave Morse, CEO - PocketFinder

Yepzon certainly is riding on the IoT wave and the category is getting stronger every month, both in retail and online. Yepzon delivers leading products in a new and exciting category.

Roy Westbye, SPM - Elkjøp Nordic

Yepzon has it all. Yepzon is already international, and the company’s performance so far has been credible.

Riitta Palmén, Investment Manager - M4E