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6 Effective Safety Tips for Women Living in a Big City

The growth in metropolitan cities of India is pacing faster than Usain Bolt. The pattern of financial growth and standard of living in the metropolitan cities have gone through a dynamic transition. You may ask, what’s changed in the past 20 years? It's the determined effervescence of Indian women driven by a need to be independent. Women have proved their mettle in earning bread for their family, driving and even serving in defense forces that was considered profession monopolized by men. Despite that we cannot ignore the outrageous 291 filed crimes in only 8 stations of Delhi Metro in 2012. 'The 50 Million Missing' campaign quoted in it's article 11 safety tips for women travelling or living alone in India,"Street sexual harrassment, molestation, amd stalking are seen as a normal part of day-to-day existence that all women are expected to put up with" and this couldn't be any more relatable. If you want to know how to protect kids from such crimes, check out the article on '6 hacks to protect your little ones from grave dangers' HERE (link). Be it groping in the crowd, holding a blade to the neck or snatching away purses, the records have it all. There is always a lingering fear whenever we step out. We have for you some tips to take them all head on.

  1. NEVER Back Down! :

It is a preconceived notion that women are gentle and submissive.Our society to this notion is what oil is to fire, hard wiring perspectives that expect women to have a meek demeanor in public. We should raise our voice if someone takes advantage of us. Your best saviour is YOU. Scream, gather a crowd and create a spectacle. Do not act blind to sexual crimes and assaults just because society blames the victim. Push them away, hit them with your fist or look them in the eye to question. Do all you can to put up a fight like the warrior you are because this is the fight for your life.


2. Selfies and makeup can save you:


A selfie camera can save you. If you hear someone walking behind you in an empty area, take out your camera and click a selfie. This will help you check if the same person is following you later too. If you send it someone, this can be a material evidence in case of a crime. You can easily identify the criminal in a police lineup. If the phone battery is dead, you can use the mirror on your compact powder for the same purpose.


3. Step into an ATM:



You have to trust your instincts. If you feel someone is going to attack you, try to run to a nearby 24 hours open ATM. These ATMs usually have security guards who can help you. One thing ATMs have even when they don’t have cash is CCTV camera. If the attacker enters the ATM, the CCTV will identify him and this fear is your greatest weapon. One hoax you shouldn’t believe is that entering your PIN backwards in the ATM will inform the Police.


4. When you are in a ‘fix’ or ‘jam’:



How to know if the door of the taxi has been jammed by the driver? The driver won’t let you in on it. Check the ON state of mechanical types on the door before getting in. Know the ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’ position of the buttons. If the windows are open, try to open the door from the inner part of the cab before getting in to make sure the door isn’t jammed. Once you get in, try to open the door on the other end of the seat before closing the one you entered from.


5. Mislead them:


Women have often been accused of misleading men. For once, they can use it to their advantage. To instill fear into the heart of a cab driver, call someone up and pass on the registration number and driver’s details loudly in a language the driver understands. Even if no one’s on the other line, fake it with confidence. If you feel unsafe on roads, stay close to someone and start interacting. Getting yourself into an awkward situation is way better than being a victim. A socially active person is less likely to be attacked.


6. GPS is the right ‘track’:


Half the battle of safety is won if you carry a GPS device with you. A quick fix for the dangers in the metro that comes unannounced. Whether someone is following you or trying to harm you, the device can track down your exact location to protect you from it all. Life becomes easier and safer with a tracking device having an SOS button to call your loved ones for help in times of distress. Being small, it is easy to carry around at all times. Your safety is now literally in your hand.



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