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What are Yepzon trackers and who are they meant for?

Yepzon is an easy-to-use tracker and service with which you can track people, pets and objects. By attaching Yepzon anywhere you can track your target with an app for your smartphone, even on the other side of the world.

Yepzon devices have a built-in SIM, GSM modem, and GPS receiver.

How are Yepzon Trackers different from the other Trackers in the Market?

Yepzon Tracker Come with Motion Sensors and Additional Connectivity like Bluetooth and Wifi for greater accuracy. They also come with Inbuilt IOT Vodafone Sim Card so you dont need to purchase Sim Cards for Yepzon Trackers as you have to do in other GPS Trackers.
On the Settings of the app, the user can determine how often Yepzon connects to the server, in other words complete control to control the battery life yourself. The connection frequency settings also affect the device’s battery life and data consumption. The longer connection frequency, the longer the battery life and less data is consumed.

What is the difference between Yepzon One and Yepzon Freedom?

Yepzon ONE is a GPS tracker which has been designed specifically for tracking small children, pets and objects. The device is hung on the tracked person or object and it does not have a button, meaning control of the device happens fully through the mobile application. The technical information can be found on the Yepzon ONE product page.

Yepzon Freedom is a personal alarm with GPS tracking which is meant for everyone from school age and up. In addition to the tracking function, by pressing the SOS button on the device, an alert can be sent from the Freedom device to the application, and the app will tell the location of the device that sent the alert. In practice, you can communicate from the Freedom to the application. The Freedom device includes different functions which can be changed depending on the use. The technical information can be found on the Yepzon Freedom product page.

Which Tracker out of the two is right for me?

Yepzon One is the Perfect tracker for tracking Kids below 8 years , Pets , Dementia Patients , Special Needs and Vehicles. whereas Yepzon Freedom can be used as Safety Alarm Device for Kids above 8 years , Elders and Women. The Keyring makes the Use of Yepzon Freedom easy to carry everyday around.

What is the accuracy of the location info given by Yepzon?

To find out the tracker’s location, Yepzon uses three different methods of tracking:

Mobile phone base station location based tracking
GPS satellite tracking
Bluetooth Smart signal tracking (Yepzon ONE)
Wi-Fi indoor tracking (Yepzon Freedom)
Yepzon chooses the optimal way to track independently. The accuracy of GPS tracking is 3 to 4 metres at its best. Notice that GPS tracking needs a connection to at least three satellites in order to work. For example, inside buildings the GPS signal is usually either too weak or none existent. In that case the next, more imprecise available tracking method is used, which is based on GSM support stations. In the city, its accuracy ranges from a couple hundred metres to a couple kilometres. In the countryside, where there are less support stations, the location accuracy can be even ten kilometres or more.

Yepzon Freedom includes Wi-Fi indoor tracking, which makes getting more accurate location information possible, even on a room’s accuracy. Wi-Fi tracking uses the five strongest identified networks to estimate the device’s location. Yepzon Freedom recognizes nearby Wi-Fi signals automatically, so no login to these networks is necessary.

The Yepzon ONE device has a blue bar on the bottom of the map which shows the strength of the Yepzon’s Bluetooth signal if you have an Android or iOS phone/tablet which supports Bluetooth Smart technology and the tracked Yepzon is within the Bluetooth signal’s range (around 50 metres in situations with no interference). By moving calmly in different directions while simultaneously keeping an eye on the bar it is possible to deduce where the Yepzon is.