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Yepzon is a Finland based technology Company with strong presence in the European and US market. Yepzon already has a satisfied and rapidly growing community of customers in place who trust our products in everyday life and keep finding new and innovative uses for our service. They are moms and dads, pet-owners, dependants, car enthusiasts, cross-country runners, explorers, globetrotters and others – with thousands of diverse needs. Thanks to our service, they can spend more of their time doing the things that they love – with an added sense of security and peace of mind. For everything close to your heart there is Yepzon.

Yepzon is already the preferred brand by leading distributors both domestically and globally. Our growing roster of partners include: Amazon Europe, Elisa, Elkjöp (Gigantti), Ebay, Clas Ohlsson, XXL, Telia and Deutsche Telekom. In distribution, we have partnered with ALSO and Ingram Micro. As a technology leader, we also license our solutions (PocketFinder, US) and provide our services to other businesses (Security).

Yepzon GPS World

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Yepzon Team Lead

  • Otto Linna

    Otto Linna

    BBA, CEO, Founder

  • Jukka Pietarinen

    Jukka Pietarinen

    Former Nokia executive

  • Heidi Rantala

    Heidi Rantala

    M.A, Co-owner, CMO, Yepzon India Board

  • Ashish Deswal

    Ashish Deswal

    Engineer, CEO Yepzon India

Million Customers

31 MillionMobile Network Locations By Yepzons per months

Some of Our Current Partners

Some of Our
Current Partners


"We have great respect for Yepzon as a company and have found that every employee reflects the healthy culture of their company while always striving to be the world class leader they are."

Dave Morse,
CEO at Location Based Technologies, Inc. (PocketFinder)

"Yepzon certainly is riding on the IoT wave and the category is getting stronger every month, both in retail and online. Yepzon delivers leading products in a new and exciting category"

Roy Westbye,
Senior Product Manager (Elkjøp Nordic)

"Yepzon has it all. Yepzon is already international, and the company’s performance so far has been credible"

Riitta Palmén,
Investment Manager and Founding Partner (M4E)