Money Back Guarantee

GPS Tracking Device for Pets

A lightweight GPS tracker specifically designed to keep you and your lovely pets together by tracking your dog, cat when they run away.

  • Lightweight tracker to locate dogs & other pets
  • Indoor tracking of pets with bluetooth
  • View location of your dog anytime on mobile device
  • 7 days money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping across India
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The Tracking device Features

GPS Device for Dogs & Cats
  • Unmatched Battery Life

    The GPS device can go up to weeks without the need of recharging


  • 1-month Free Subscription

    No subscription or data charges for the first 1-month of device usage


  • Easy Setup

    Takes only a few minutes to connect the device with your phone or tablet.


  • Loved Across Globe

    Designed in Finland, Yepzon products are a hit in US & European markets


In The News

Lightweight GPS tracker

Only 45.4 g in weight, Yepzon One is one of the lightest GPS trackers available in the market. Because of the small size, the tracker is suitable for dogs and cats.

Sleek pouch for fashion

Yepzon One is shipped with a black pouch to keep the tracker safely taught around the neck of your dog or any other pet while keeping them chic and stylish.

Say no to leashes

Give your dog and other pets the freedom to roam around and have fun without worrying. Keep a track of your pets location with the Yepzon app instead.

Find pets even indoors

With the help of advanced tracking technology, you can now find the precise location of your pets that are hiding under sheets, sofa, bed or in a different room for that matter.

Track multiple pets together

Keep an eye on all your dogs and pets through one app. Connect all your trackers with the Yepzon app in a few minutes and you are all set to start tracking your pets.

  • 1-year Replacement Warranty
  • Free Return within 7 days
  • Free Shipping Across India
  • Cash On Delivery & EMI Available


We have been Yepzon owners for about 8 months now and love the product/app. Our dog Romeo went missing for 8 days and after that experience, I can't imagine living without the Yepzon. Words cannot describe the peace of mind we have knowing we can locate our Romeo at any point, even if she is near the base station...If it were up to me, I'd buy everyone with a pet a GPS unit so they never have to go through what we did. Thanks so much for all you do!

Ruchika Singh, Lucknow

My husband went alone with them shortly after getting the trackers for the dogs, and I was at home working. I got a phone call from him that he'd lost lucy. She had backtracked and gone in an opposite direction and he lost sight of her. I was able to quickly find her on my Yepzon app, jumped in the car, and find her within a minute or two. She had made it just slightly into the neighborhood and was getting into paved territory, where cars live. I thank God she had that little tracker on, because I found her, got her in the car, and home we went. She could have been hit by a car. But your product saved her. Thank you so much for taking care of my pets.

Sonal Rastogi, Mumbai

"My Cat ruby escaped from home. Unknown to us, she ended up on the Highway. We looked for hours for her with no sightings.
I finally received a call from someone that she had been attacked by street dogs.They go the no. from her collar tag. Had I known where to at least look, I could have found her sooner. We were very lucky that she was found safe.
That night I ordered the Yepzon GPS tracker and had it next day shipped. The peace of mind that I now have is priceless. Thank you Yepzon!

Vijaylaxmi, Bangalore

Limited Period Offer

Yepzon One is currently available at a discounted price of only Rs.2499 compared to the original price of Rs. 5999. Don't miss out!

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