Money Back Guarantee

Yepzon One

A European GPS tracker specifically designed for personal, kids, and family safetystrong>. Comes with 3 in-built tracking technologies.

  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year replacement warranty
  • Free shipping across India
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The key features

  • Unmatched Battery Life

    The trackers can go up to weeks without the need of recharging

  • 3-months Free Subscription

    No subscription or data charges for the first 3-months of usage

  • Easy Setup

    Takes only a few minutes to connect the device with your phone or tablet.

  • Loved Across Globe

    Designed in Finland, Yepzon products are a hit in US & European markets

In The News

Water Proof and Shock Proof

The only tracker that is both Shock proof, tamper proof and water proof.

Attach Anywhere

The GPS tracker has a sleek built and handy attaching mechanism, making it is easy to attach anywhere.

Advanced tracking

The GPS device has tracking functions - GPS, 2G and Bluetooth. 2G for wide location info, GPS for accurate tracking outdoors and Bluetooth finds targets indoor.

Keep your children safe

Gain peace of mind by keeping a track of your child's movements - whether in a park, in a school, or on their way.

Enjoy the freedom

With the power of location tracking, never worry about travelling alone or exploring the world out there.

Track family members

Rest assured that your family members are safe. Elderly parents and children with special needs will not be scared venture out into the city.

  • 1-year Replacement Warrantee
  • Free Return within 30 days
  • Free Shipping Across India
  • Cash On Delivery & EMI Available


I can't imagine my life without Yepzon now. My 9 year old son Yash had gotten lost a few times when playing with his friends. This kept me and my husband Ramesh worried as we are both working and could'nt spend every waking second watching Yash.I had been searching for a solution that provides security for Yash and peace of mind for us. Thanks to Yepzon we know where he is all the time. The best part being that it is Water and Dust Proof so we never have to worry and stop yash from playing football with having yepzon in his pocket. I can't explain the peace of mind that we have now.

Kriti Salve, Bangalore

My 11 years old daughter Neha had just started going to school by herself, taking the bus in the mornings and walking home with a group of friends in the afternoon. I was very anxious the first few times Neha went to school by herself and always asked her to stay away from strangers.But the latest School kidnapping news made me so worried that i felt so insecure about her all the time. After doing some research on the internet, I discovered Yepzon. I put it with the house keys that she carried and explained how to press the SOS if anything is not right. I can' tell how relaxed i feel with the freedom to check her location anytime at ease.

Bhupender Sharma, Delhi

Definately the Best Device for Dementia Patients. My Father has always been an active man, even at increasing age. However, for the last few years his memory has become worse. A few months ago, he was diagnosed with mild dementia, which is characterized by short-term memory loss, trouble organizing and especially, getting lost in familiar and unfamiliar environments.This kept us worried. After reccomendation from our doctor we decided to give him Yepzon. He agreed to carry it around with his Keys, so that we could see where he is. In case he gets lost or faces a tough Situation, he could notify her by pressing the SOS Button and without having to explain his whereabouts, We will be able to find him. With Yepzon, our family has found a discreet way to deal with the challenges of aging.

Raghuvir Sawant, Pune

Limited Period Offer

Yepzon One is currently available at a discounted price of only Rs. 4999 compared to the original price of Rs. 5999. Don't miss out!

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