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Freedom - GPS Tracker with SOS

A GPS tracker with SOS button specifically designed for personal, kids, and family safety.
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  • Unmatched Battery Life

    The trackers can go up to weeks without the need of recharging

  • 1-year Free Subscription

    No subscription or data charges for the first year of usage

  • Easy Setup

    Takes only a few minutes to connect the device with your phone or tablet.

  • Loved Across Globe

    Designed in Finland, Yepzon products are a hit in US & European markets

SOS button for safety

Pressing the SOS button sends real time emergency alerts to the users friends and family during a crisis. This gives an added safety to users at all times.

Use as a keychain

The GPS tracker has a sleek built and handy attaching mechanism, making it is easy to attach anywhere or double up as a keychain.

Advanced tracking

The GPS device combines 3 tracking functions - 3G, GPS and WiFi . 3G for wide location info, GPS for accurate tracking outdoors and Wi-Fi finds targets indoor.

Keep your children safe

Gain peace of mind by keeping a track of your child's movements - whether in a park, in a school, or on their way.

Enjoy the freedom

With the power of location tracking and SOS button, never worry about travelling alone or exploring the world out there.

Track family members

Rest assured that your family members are safe. Elderly parents and children with special needs will not be scared venture out into the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Yepzon trackers work?

The user controls the Yepzon tracker with the Yepzon App® mobile application on which the user can see where the device is located and can track the device accurately.

On the Settings of the app, the user can determine how often Yepzon connects to the server, in other words with which delay the tracking can be started. The shorter connection frequency (min. 1 min.) the quicker the location information can be accurately received. The connection frequency settings also affect the device’s battery life and data consumption. The longer connection frequency, the longer the battery life and less data is consumed.

How much do Yepzon trackers cost?

Yepzon One - 3999 with one year free subscription
Yepzon Freedom - 4999 with one year free subscription

How soon will my order be delivered?

Delivery time largely depends on which part in India the device is ordered from. It usually takes around 3-5 business days for most of our customers.

What is the cost/month after the free subscription is over?

The monthly recurring cost is Rs 100/month after the first year of free subscription ends.

What is the difference between Yepzon One and Yepzon Freedom?

Yepzon ONE is a GPS tracker which has been designed specifically for tracking small children, pets and objects. The device is hung on the tracked person or object and it does not have a button, meaning control of the device happens fully through the mobile application. The technical information can be found on the Yepzon ONE product page.

Yepzon Freedom is a personal alarm with GPS tracking which is meant for everyone from school age and up. In addition to the tracking function, by pressing the SOS button on the device, an alert can be sent from the Freedom device to the application, and the app will tell the location of the device that sent the alert. In practice, you can communicate from the Freedom to the application. The Freedom device includes different functions which can be changed depending on the use. The technical information can be found on the Yepzon Freedom product page.

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